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Originally Posted by ChopperFXR View Post
No, I didn't miss the point. You are a selfish boring cunt, fucking greedy as well. It is you teachers that are missing the point.

The cold hard fact is that a hell of a lot of teachers are failing miserably. What cold hard fact? Your personal opinion based upon a very limited experience of the industry? NO, my comment was based on what I can and have seen in years of working for a living and meeting a lot of youngsters that are only semi literate. They allow kids to leave school, without the basic minimum of literacy and numeracy skills, to enable them to get some sort of job. By the time a kid leaves formal education, he should be ready to take his/her first steps into the big wide world

And after 10 years of mandatory education, can you really claim that any kid still unable to meet basic literacy standards has been failed by every single teacher they encountered in this time, or could it just be that the kid themselves (or parents) should have taken more responsibility for their progress?. Very few of them are ready and it is teachers to blameYeah, we're to blame becuase kids with a 40% attendance record and parents quite willing to go to court instead of sending their kids to school is a perfect definition of teacher failings.

Yes I can claim that teachers are to blame. Although I was virtually uncontrollable at school, I knew, even then, that there were some teachers that were truly inspirational. They MADE kids WANT to learn. They challenged them, lessons were fun and something to look forward to. That is what is missing today. I refused point blank to attend French or Divinity lessons. I had zero interest and hated the teachers, because they could not put across anything that even slightly interested me. Those two teachers were shite teachers, they were an exception. The teachers at all of the schools I attended, earned the respect of the kids. You watched your manners and behaviour or you were in deep shit.

Teachers today have no idea how to earn the respect of their pupils. As a direct result of that, they are unable to control themselves never mind a class of kids.

Teachers are too busy moaning about how bad they are treated and paid, to bother attempting to communicate with parents properly and work together to get the kids to study. Why does any kid skive off school? Pretty simple answer, he/she has found something he/she would rather be doing. If teachers make the WANT to be at school and WANT to learn. The number of truants would diminish rapidly.

Start doing the job properly, treat every child as an individual, match his or her needs to lessons

This is already industry standard. All kids have an entry profile, they are tested for all known learning conditions and relevant support is established. All kids have a personalised individual education plan that accounts for their skills on entry and progress path. All of this is tracked and monitored every year of school with reports generated. And that's just the basics. On top of that there are remedial classes, stretch and challenge classes, exam resit assistnace, after school homework assistnace, the list goes on.

Absolute bollocks. Fancy names and gobshite. If you really had to do all that shit for every kid, how much attention do you give to each pupil? Name at top of page and a load of tick boxes. Kids are individuals, no two are alike. You teachers just find it easier to treat them all the same because you can't be arsed to do the job you are being over paid to do.

Stop fucking about calling subjects by different names and putting priority on PC bullshit, such as teaching white Anglo Saxon kids about being a muslim. START FUCKING TEACHING. Make sure our kids leave school with the basic knowledge and skills they NEED, NOT what a bunch of left wing sad fucks think they need. No white Anglo Saxon kid needs to learn anything about being a muslim, or a queer, but they do need to know how to read, write and do their sums. [COLOR="magenta"]Teachers have ZERO input over course content. You wanna whinge about kids being taught X, Y, and Z, go moan to the dpeartment of education who decide all this stuff. At the moment you're metaphorically complaining to the drive-thru staff at Mcdonalds about the company's farming practices.

Now if you really believe that crap, you are proving your inadequacy as well as being a whinging, selfish cunt. If the teachers are not able to have any input on course content, then "teachers" are surplus to requirements. Maybe if you all got off your arses and spent time challenging the DOE about their tactics and demands, you may be able to change what is wrong with the system. Oh! Hang on, it's more important to you to whinge about YOUR situation, than it is to at least make an attempt to improve the situation for the people YOU are responsible for their education. In simple terms, IF THE SYSTEM IS FUCKED, CHANGE THE FUCKING SYSTEM!

In the real world you have to match performance with demands. You bunch of left wing sad fucks I'm not left wing. Never was never will be are only interested in what the country will cough up to those of you that have not earned it. YOU NUT members are more interested in yourselves, than doing your job properly. If you can't hack it, then get the fuck out of the profession Yeah, because this profession is so 'cozy' that there's queues around the block of people clammering to get in and almost no one quits the profession after less than 3 years. Oh, wait, neither of those things is true! Teaching applications are way down and staff turnover at the 3 year mark (out of the profession entirely) is one of the worst of any industry going. You knew the score when you became a "Teacher". You cannot expect the rules to change after you join (actually, I'm arguing to keep the rules like they were when I joined; rahter than haviung them changed for the benefit of people who already have all the wealth - who was that you were calling greedy?). If you are a good teacher, you will always have work and an income. If you want your income to increase, then work harder, achieve higher results If hard work produced better results, there'd be no need for private education. Low class sizes and a supportive homelife of the students have a mssively bigger impact on grades achieved than the teacher themselves (demonstrated in numerous academic studies) and you may have a case to plead.

That's called passing the buck. Kids go to school to be formally educated, by teachers. What happens outside school is up to the parents. Have you considered that maybe some parents cannot see the point in sending a kid to school, if all they are doing is parrot fashion chanting for several hours a day, about subjects that some idiotic PC fuckwit thinks is more important than basic literacy and numeracy skills.

Your comments about wealth, suggest you are perhaps a tad jealous of those that have made a good living by their efforts. Another good indication of inadequacy. There are very few extremely wealthy families around nowadays that inherit their wealth. It is a very small minority of people that land on their feet by accident, Lottery winners, X Factor, footballers etc aside. Most well off people have earned their wealth by hard work, innovation, ingenuity and determination.

A response for you to ignore and call me a cunt for

There ya go. I didn't ignore your response, BUT I did ignore the many typo's and spelling mistakes

However, you are still a cunt. Some things will never change.




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