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John raises some good points.
All-round education is good to start with so you can begin to see where a child has talents and weaknesses and play to those. I'm rubbish at maths,so engineering is out; but wouldn't have known that if I hadn't had to go thru trig, pythag, and the rest.

One of the teachers at my college has just completed a Masters degree. She joined an existing project and worked towards gaining the qualification rather than it being her project (so she had no agenda to prove with the results). One of the side-points of the project looked at teaching "standards" as set by OFSTED and internal performance reviews and their impact on student performance. The discovery was that terrible teaching (ie: persistent absence, doesn't know the subject, has no control over class) can be quite destructive to grades, but only at GCSE level and above (it makes virtually no difference lower down). Similarly, the most spectacular teacher made a difference of less than a grade over the competent-but-unispiring teacher. 90% of the time the kid will get the grade they get regardless of the teacher. Thus, using achieved grades as a measurement of teaching skill is both flawed and makes a mockery of the point of the qualification in the first place.
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