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my son had the day off school yesterday because of the strike i also had to take the day off work too to look after him im not moaning about it i dont know the ins and outs of it all to be honest with you really but my mum a dad are both retired teachers and they worked fucking hard! just because the school kicks out at 330 ish on a friday dosent mean thats it and fuck it till monday morning they often worked doing marking reports etc at home etc till 10 at night in the hols too and thats before all health a saftey bollocks and paper work the teachers have to do now my dad left teaching when you couldnt get away with giving the kids a good talking too!! (or a tap round the head which a lot of them deserve) which they cant do now because every parent thinks there "little johnny" is perfect and woudnt cause any trouble a lot of parents love blaming someone a teacher maybe thats an easy target isnt it? its easy to blame some one else for there kids poor education manners attitude etc alot off parents cant be arsed to spend anytime with there kids cuz there to busy working or they just dont give a fuck rant over education begins at home ................when i left school in 95 there was 20 kids in my class in my 11 year olds sons class there is 33 imagine trying to teach that lot imagine working in a factory and the work load almost doubled and there was no extra staff you just have to get on with it and do your best or would you moan about it and strike for better pay pensions etc if you could?
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