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It seems to me that a small percentage of children will be intellegent enough to suck up information almost in spite of the low standards of schooling, I can't help wondering how much more they would have learned if the teaching was a bit better..There should be a filter where children are taught all the different subjects until they show signs of falling behind, then there should be a point where they stop teaching History, current affairs, religion, geography, sport foreign languages, music and social studies..This is when the schools should concentrate on maths and English until the children have reached a high standard in those subjects..


Because history is not important to anyone who has to ask "do you want fries with that", if you want to know more, watch world at war or time team on TV. current affairs, kids will learn more by watching the news on TV. Religion..sorry but as far as I am concerned, once you have learned to read, you can learn all you want to from one book. Geography, the borders have changed so much and the names of cities have also changed that almost everything I leaned at school is wrong. Sport..that is just playing games, do it after school or during playtime. Foreign languages, if you leave school unable to get a job you aren't going to travel to a foreign country and there are so many different languages spoken in Britain that it would take years to just learn enough to understand basic words..English is our language, if you want to talk to me..learn it. Music, a hobby, do it in your own time, like riding a bike or skateboarding. and finally social studies, look out of your window, talk to your friends and neighbours, talk to your granny about when she was young..what more do you need to know..

Until the DOE realises and accepts that we have a problem and that the solution is fairly simple our schools will continue to produce morons who have learned to copy people on the TV, even down to the way they speak what is left of our language.

It is possible that the government encourages this dumbing down so that the rich and priviledged few who can afford private education get the lions share of the top jobs, and the old boy network can run the country and get richer by keeping us dumb enough to believe everything they say "because it is the right thing to do" or "Britain deserves better" or "it is time for change" or "we are all in this together"..

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