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Mick - solidarity is a two way thing. I voted against the strike in the ballot; in previous issues I have gone on strike to support the NUT. When I contacted them about mistreatment in the workplace, I received a notification that my contact had been received, and precisely nothing despite two follow up emails. As far as the NUT seem to be concerned, big headline grabbing acts, etc, are their priority; day to day support is of no concern to them. So, solidarity is fine if its reciprocated.

Devon Tony. You are right that the education system fails kids. The obsession with measuring everything and dishing out blame when the numbers don't meet expectations is the root cause (which isn't entirely a left wing concept). Teachers are expected to make a class full of kids achieve a specific level. Nobody cares that each class full of kids is different. So "teaching" now revolves around manufacturing the result and ensuring the kids never fail regardless of how little they do. The real world is an awfully big shock to them. But by then they're no longer the problem of the department of education, who sit all smug because their targets were met.

Target setting has essentially killed off any hope of meeting the kids needs (ironic as it is supposed to measure how well you meet the needs of the kids). There is so much admin involved in teaching that my institution actually employs more admin staff than teachers. Those admin staff collate information, but it is up to the teachers to generate the information in the first place. I various "holiday" times I have managed to complete a full week of work (37hrs) without teaching one class or marking one bit of work. My institution has now had to add "admin days" where there are no lessons (easy coz we're a sixth form so the students don't need parents at home, etc) because there isn't enough time in the rest of the year to do all the admin and, you know, actually teach anything.

I'm saying this because people don't know this side of the job. They see that some kids didn't get enough or the right kind of support (like in Chopper's post) or that their kids weren't pushed enough (like Rob's post); and its the paperwork that ensures you don't have time to do both. People also fail to grasp the idea that grades achieved are supposed to be an indication of the talents of the student, not a measurement of the talents of the teacher.
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