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LOL oh yeah forgot about competitions and races etc where nobody wins LOL LOL

yup that will prepare them for the real world

they have the opinion that they dont have to try or succeed, as they will get a sweet or a medal anyway

they had a sports day at my lil girls school, my daughters team won, I took great joy at this and mentioned to one of her mates that wasnt in her team that if my Abi was a winner then she must have lost.. just joking and teasing

she burst into tears LOL, never been told that she had failed or lost at something.

we are creating a generation of pathetic kids with no real aspirations to achieve anything, and as far as I can see its all caused by nambi pamby hand wringing tree hugging soap dodgers.

my lil girl gets praised when she does well and I rip the shit out of her when she does wrong or messes something up, other parents say Im mean and nasty, well tough shit, my lil girl understands and realises that lifes not a computer game. right from when she was a baby and toddler, if she had friends round and kids were having sweets or treats, every now and then I would say sorry Abi, none left for you, your friends had them all, oh the shit I got from other kids parents, yet she always said thats ok, I dont mind, much later many of her mates parents reckoned I wasnt so mean as they all had kids that expected something everytime and wouldnt use manners.

we took one of her mates out withus one day, this girl is about 10, I commented that I didnt have enough money on me for something that my Abi was looking at, no problems daddy she says, I dont care, was only looking.

her mate said, why not just use a card if you havent got any money, tried to explain that it was still money but she just didnt get it LOL

they are so removed from the real world that its a joke.
nowt of much use here
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