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I think there are two sides to this..

I know of 10 year old kids who can't do their 2 times table..(they call it doubling now)..and yesterday I heard from another 10 year old who when asked by the class teacher what the word defer meant, one boy stood up and said it means to agree with anothers point of view..he was told means to be different,,as in "this one is defer to that one" when the boy said to differ means to have an opposite point of view as in "I beg to differ" he was once again told to sit down and pay attention..

That's another kid's mind destroyed..

But I also blame the system, we don't teach our kids properly at school, some of these kids grow up to become teachers and then the authorities put them in schools and give them guidelines on how they must teach to allow for their lack of education..

It seems to me that each teacher does what they have to each term and then passes the resulting class on to the next year..If that class failed to understand all the primary teaching then they have little chance of understanding the secondary classes..

I also think that just prior to exam time the class is coached on how to pass the exam rather than tested on what they should have learned during the previous terms..

At the local primary school the attitude of teachers and head teacher is that it will adversely affect the child if you tell them they are not doing well, so they get "well done" to the child and "he's doing quite well" to the parents at the end of term parents night..

meantime your kid is a mindless husk who thinks he is clever..

Until we have a much better education for our youngsters we will not have very good teachers because the teachers should have been taught when they were children. We have lost at least two generations to bad schooling and todays children have nothing better than state handouts to look forward to.

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