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Default my tuppence...

i've taught in schools, i used to teach teachers to be teachers & i've taught in colleges/universities & then i moved into industry.

i'm retired now & from that perspective i don't give much of a fuck anymore for much (ps it Eton not fucking Eaton) except my brothers, bikes etc.

i went to a party some time back; it was mainly teachers from a local school & they thought i was less than the shit on their shoes, they really thought they were something-They 'had a vocation' & they were important in young people's lives etc.

me? I got on with their manual work, doing the bbq, spitting on their burgers & drinking their booze.
nobody asked me what i did for a living cos i wasn't a teacher at their school and therefore I had no value.

I hated teaching in schools, it was too fekkin noisy, so, I got better educated, taught in colleges, universities. In those jobs i had to re educate people to learn, to learn for themselves, to learn for fun & to better themselves. that re-ducation was in stark contrast to their schooling.

I got paid well for this but not as well as i got paid in industry-there too, i had to re educate people to learn, to learn for themselves, to learn for fun & to better themselves.

after ten years they paid me to fuck off & that's why i'm retired.

YOU too could do this.

don't give me bollix by BTW that you're taking a noble stand being a scab: you still get the benefits from your colleagues taking a stand, you win if they win, you win if they lose...except you didn't lose any pay gaining the benefits that those teachers before you fought so hard to get.

if and its a big if you believe so passionately about what you do, start a free school, it cant be that hard if the govt is throwing money at people to do this.

ps. you & those teachers above are deluding yourself if you think you are that important to the kids you push around & corral into conformity: I remember 3 teachers from school. 1 i'd shake his hand & 2 i'd punch into next week...they were bullies & cowards who liked being important around those who could not answer back.

that is how most of us remember teachers.
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