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Originally Posted by rob View Post
having 3 children within the "education" system, i fully support choppers comments. teachers these days are a bunch of pinko wishy-washy hand-ringing liberal idiots who spend their time trying to befriend the kids instead of teaching them, ("just call me lionel, not Mr jones"). my eldest is diagnosed with aspergers, his IQ is off the scale, at 6 his reading age was 14, by 12 his reading material of choice was quantum mechanics... all thru school his grades have been A* for attainment, E for effort. when i ask why he isnt trying he rolls his eyes and says he doesnt need to, they're teaching for idiots. teachers spend all their time on the thick cunts and ignore the ones who could actually do this country some good. the other 2 arnt far behind and have similar issues. meanwhile we have to put up with teachers whining about pay and conditions, pensions etc. they only work half a day, get half a year off, have job security, get paid loads... bunch of usless waster cunts, 99% of 'em.

not as eloquent as chopper.
In a class of 30-35, how much time do you think a single teacher can possibly have to ensure that no one is being left behind and that no one is being inadaquately stretched? If you worked to those principles you'd die of old age befre you got half way through the material. Techers are told to prioritise either high achievers or borderline passers. You'll find it cycles around every 5 or so years as to who we have to focus on. Focus on the "wrong" groups and you'll get a bollocking.

As for your thought on pay and conditions - fpmsl. Reminds me of the kid who thought bin men only worked one day a week. Just 'coz you don't see the work doesn't mean it ain't going on.

Work half a day? No. I work 8-5 in the school. Tend to my kid until his bed at 8 or so. Work until 10. Bed. I do 70 hour weeks in term time (2 full time jobs worth) and 30-40 hr weeks in non-term time.

Get half a year off? No. The holidays are better than some, I won't lie about that. But non-term time is not all holiday time. Results and tracking must be processed. Departmental and staff performance reviews must be done. Resources must be created and updated (what, you thought all those workseehts magically appeared?). None of this is the most taxing stuff in the universe, but it does all take an unbeleivable amount of time to produce.

Job security? It's a myth. Redundencies are rife in my current institution; another round is due soon even though student intake is rising again. Teachers can get fired, but are more commonly 'managed out of the job' before an actual sacking. The stereotype of the useless prat staying year in year out disappeared with the league table.

Get paid loads? Are you taking the piss? Senior management get paid loads (and unlike teachers, their pay continues to rise). Teaching staff get between $18-35 from entry level to departmental management. To be on the top end of that you need a degree, professional post-graduate qualification, and a lot of year's experience, and London pay-weighting. If you had the same qualifications and experience for a professional level financial services job, you'd piss yourslef laughing if a London firm offered you 30k.

But if you think it's all so nice in teaching Rob, feel free to join us. But I reckon you'd change yer tune once you'd seen it from the inside.
wyrd bi ful ard
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