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LOL Im laughing at your post Rob, but only as its so damn true

my daughter came home and said she wanted to go in the special class.
I asked what she was on about and she explained that the naughty kids in her class got sent to another class for a couple of hours, and got to play and have chocolate etc, how unfair is that she protested, in her own words the retards got rewarded LOL LOL

I got a bollocking from the teachers as I took my daughter to a much higher level of maths than the school were teaching, only because she was bored, and the method they were teaching made no sense to her.

the school said that they teach one method then later do it the other way.

ok, thats one way to fuck up a kids head, she did a maths test, never got less than 100% in spellings or maths in her entire school life, she came home in floods of tears, her book marked 0% all wrong.

her answers were correct, she showed her working out, but it wasnt the method they wanted her to use.

the teacher saw me stompin in the next morning and her face dropped LOL

the same teacher has now 3 times had to change the spellings list that was sent home for the kids to learn, due to spelling mistakes!!
nowt of much use here
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