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I was a teacher for 15 years. I left when it stopped being enjoyable and the stress was affectuing my health.

I can find things to agree with in fenrir's posts, as I can in Chopper's and Tony's.

Teaching nowadays is dominated by desk-bound 'experts' with a political/philosophical axe to grind. Lip-service is paid to getting kids basic readind/writing/number skills but in practice it often doesn't happen because there is too much crammed into a limited time re other subjects.

The job itself CAN be an enjoyable experience, but often isn't because of this pulling in different directions. it isn't helped because every Secretary of State for Education pulls the whole shebang in another direction.

Yep, it's well paid and the basic conditions are pretty good. They have to be. Experienced (read 'older') teachers are leaving in droves, and fresh meat is needed. These older teachers are the ones that are sceptical of the Politically Corect nonsense promulgated as Educational Research by people that would rather lose a body part than teach a bottom set class last thing on a Friday afternoon.

Chopper can rip the shit out of this.
I don't care a fuck: I'm now doing permanent nights in a physically demanding unskilled job and never been happier.
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