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my views on life are rather simple, but here goes, you have a job, one thats not exactly hard in my opinion, shit loads of holiday, hardly unsociable hours

be fucking grateful and get on with that job.

I do understand that a lot of the problems for teachers is down to people above them telling them what and how to do things, I have lost count of the number of times I have had run ins with my daughters school regarding the teaching methods, they are crap, simple...

but you have to be very lucky in life to genuinely have a job that you enjoy.

if you really hate your job so much then go and get a new one, or would that involve working far more hours, for less money and perks, maybe actually getting dirty or sweaty?? being subjected to reduction in hours and pay??

anyway Im back off to my work, a job that in 19 years I have only had 9 days sick, of them 9, 7 were spent in hospital.
only once have I woken up and thought I really dont want to go to work today..
I am earning less than i was in 2008..

in fact I like my life.

guess it sucks to be you LOL
nowt of much use here
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