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Originally Posted by Fenrir View Post
Wurzel - I am a NUT mainly becuase its an effective requirement to be in a union for legal support. Policies such as national pay scales (but not london) make little sense to me; but I don't get to pick and choose the priorities.
As for value added - all that happens is that each institution in the chain tries to downgrade the previous achievement and elevate what's acheived in the institution. None of the grades or levels acheived actually tell you much about the student - just about the ability of the institution to game the system.

Chopper - actually, I can't even be bothered. Just your normal rant that misses the point entirely and then subjects us to boring and irrelevent biographical crap.
No, I didn't miss the point. You are a selfish boring cunt, fucking greedy as well. It is you teachers that are missing the point.

The cold hard fact is that a hell of a lot of teachers are failing miserably. They allow kids to leave school, without the basic minimum of literacy and numeracy skills, to enable them to get some sort of job. By the time a kid leaves formal education, he should be ready to take his/her first steps into the big wide world. Very few of them are ready and it is teachers to blame.

Start doing the job properly, treat every child as an individual, match his or her needs to lessons. Stop fucking about calling subjects by different names and putting priority on PC bullshit, such as teaching white Anglo Saxon kids about being a muslim. START FUCKING TEACHING. Make sure our kids leave school with the basic knowledge and skills they NEED, NOT what a bunch of left wing sad fucks think they need. No white Anglo Saxon kid needs to learn anything about being a muslim, or a queer, but they do need to know how to read, write and do their sums.

In the real world you have to match performance with demands. You bunch of left wing sad fucks are only interested in what the country will cough up to those of you that have not earned it. YOU NUT members are more interested in yourselves, than doing your job properly. If you can't hack it, then get the fuck out of the profession. You knew the score when you became a "Teacher". You cannot expect the rules to change after you join. If you are a good teacher, you will always have work and an income. If you want your income to increase, then work harder, achieve higher results and you may have a case to plead.


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