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I have a question for you Fenrir.

why does the NUT think there should be a national pay agreement for everywhere outside London. Cost of living is not identical so why should salary be.

It makes no economic sense when the private sector pays salaries based on supply and demand for the NUT to state that a teacher in Burnley (average 20% deposit for a house = 14,470) and Reading (20% of average price = 39,789) should get paid the same take home.

As you get the internal magazines etc what argument does the NUT give for that position. As for performance measurement for bonuses what is wrong with using aggregate Value added score ? If you know the start point and end point you can measure progress and therefore see who is delivering results, yes there will be some oddities but with 30 kids in a class I reckon bonuses of -3%,0%, +3%, 6% or 9% based on average progress could be easily calculated.
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