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probably wasting my time as your new and maybe we wont ever see you again on here LOL

but without seeing the important side, ie the brake setup, I bet the caliper is anchored to the swingarm portion, what you want is it mounted to a plate on the spindle, then anchored to the fork link with rose joints.

length of the link should be the same as the distance from swingarm pivot to axle, thus keeping a parrallellogram during movement

your current setup can work well if its heavy front trike, my own build was like you describe, but the trike was front heavy and I built it to actually work as an antidive during braking, and it did work, no brakes and suspension worked, hit the brakes and the front stayed where it was.

you didnt ask for an opinion, but I will give it anyway

no way would I trust that length of forks at that rake. sorry but just my opinion

looks like your using stock bike yokes??? what diameter is that tube?

rest of trike looks like its tidy and smart, front end looks like its about to snap

just my opinion as I say, I know nothing so just "catchphrasing" say what you see LOL

put up a decent pic from side on, be interested to see what the trails like, guesstimating from that pic that it possibly hasnt got any or its the wrong way?? hows it handle?
nowt of much use here

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