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Ok, not for the first time, I'll just call you a cunt. You are also a very boring cunt.

All that you will achieve by posting your pinko propaganda here, is that you will get even more abuse thrown at you.

I really don't give a flying fuck about teachers pay and conditions, nor their pensions. They have jobs. They earn a salary and get long holidays. Their success and performance is in my opinion sadly lacking. I attribute those failings to their spending way too much time thinking about themselves rather than the children they are supposed to be educating.

I was expelled from two Grammar schools and one fully comprehensive. I was then sent down. While I was inside, I still managed to get 3 grade 1 "O levels". I got 5 more, all grade 1, by taking classes while I was in the army.

While you lazy bastards are moaning about how bad your lot is, kids are leaving school barely able to string a coherent sentence together, never mind being able to spell or calculate basic arithmetic. Your in service training days are just an official skive.

Girls are no longer taught how to do basic things like cook a simple meal with basic fresh ingredients. Instead my daughter was taught how to microwave a pizza. I had to teach her how to cook. I also had to teach her how to sew a button on her blouse, replace a zip, etc etc. She attended lessons in "Textiles", but I have no idea what benefit that gave her.

When she left school she got 12 GCSE's and all at good grades. She got those grades because Mrs Chopper and I made damn sure she did her homework and actually understood what it was she was supposed to be learning. Most of the time her homework was not marked and when we met her teachers at a parents evening, I began to see why kids are NOT prepared for life after school.

I had to teach my daughter how to apply for a job, write a proper letter of application, prepare her CV and how to conduct herself at an interview. The school failed my daughter and her classmates, very badly.

Before you come on here whinging again and proclaiming all manner of conspiracy theories, how about you whinging fuckers spared a thought for all of those people that would love to have a job as well paid as a teachers position. A position that does come with a pension and considerable other benefits.

How about all the old folk that are going to really suffer this year because they cannot afford to heat their homes and eat a decent diet. What about all the ex service personnel that have been ripped off by the government on their War Pensions. War Pensions are not just given out because you did three years service. You have to suffer very real injuries or illness directly caused by service. Then you have to fight civvie wankers to get what you are entitled to.

What about the fact that hundreds of thousands of kids go to school with no breakfast because their parents are so hard up. Not everyone on a low income is a benefit cheat or scrounger.

What about the thousands of sick people that desperately need treatment, but cannot get it because of the downright incompetence of the hospital managers that are supposed to be educated people. Their incompetence is rewarded with promotion and cause a further massive drain on the NHS because of their outrageous salaries.

Think yourself lucky you have a job that gives you a salary. You may not be able to afford three foreign holidays a year and a 6 bedroom house in some fancy area, but that is your own fault for living above your means.

Stop fucking whinging, get a fucking grip and go fuck yourself.



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