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I'm no expert either but it seems like simple physics to me. The weight of the trike is going forwards, so as you stop (or slow) the front wheel the weight is pushing against your stopping force. Just like if you use the front brake on a bicycle too heavily - you go over the handlebars. Or when a stunt rider uses heavy front braking to do a stoppie. To be honest when I ride my trike with conventional forks up front I use more rear brake than front (more like a bicycle than a motorbike which is the opposite). Too much front brake and the back end can slew around as it's still pushing forwards.

If the springs were mounted to the rear of the fork instead of the front they would compress to take up some of the force. Forks like yours do exist and seem to work (I think Devon Tony built a similar set for his trike) but the geometry has to be right, rake & trail etc. have to be considered by the builder otherwise you'll always have problems.

Bear in mind that conventional forks, upside downs, and factory springers have built in compression and rebound control, either springs or hydraulic valves which control the amount of movement in either direction whereas yours only seem to have springs to soften the ride over bumps.
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