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haha seriously must be a no news day

why do people have to stick their noses in and moan or get involved in stuff thats nowt to do with them

I had it at work a few months ago, even the units next to me arent sure/aware what I do in here.

one customer moved a few items from the back of his truck straight into my door and a busybody bloke that was at the neighbouring unit saw them, I realised he had seen but so what , its totally legal.

about 3 minutes later theres police here and all sorts of shouting going on

a copper questions me just within earshot of said twat, "is it true that you were just handling guns and there are guns on the property"

erm yes, we are a gunshop LOL

turns out the twats from London or somewhere and was arguing with the poor coppers that guns were illegal, he was going to complain about each and every one of them to the chief constable etc, he started writing down all the numbers etc, in the end they apologised to me and went to town on him and his car LOL.

so what if some peple want to learn or take part in something different. ie bondage or other sexual acts

maybe they will learn and avoid a serious accident or possibly even death that may have resulted had they just experimented at home.
nowt of much use here
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