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Not the first time this has happened.

Few years ago I was asked to do some flogging, caning, bull whipping and sensory deprivation demonstrations at a local event. I was getting paid, it is part of what I do, so why not. I also supplied all the dungeon equipment for the event.

When I got to the venue I was rather surprised to see it was just down the road from Rhino Trikes and was indeed the village hall. The organiser was a bit of a loon and a rampant lesbian. I hope that I never meet that god awful creature again.

The village hall was obviously a place that the locals took great pride in. The event was booked as a "Relationship Clinic". I am used to people approaching me and asking questions about kit they have bought from me. Many of them are regular clients but I have never actually met them face to face.

I was setting up the dungeon equipment when a woman cop appeared. I knew her as a client, but this time she was in uniform. She asked what I was doing there and was I aware that the village hall committee was not too happy about what was going on. Nothing to do with me says I, I am just here to put on a show and supply the equipment. Off the lady cop toddled.

My volunteer victims dully appeared, I did the show, got lots of new business. Had a bloody good fetish party that night and thought no more about it. After all, this is what I do.

On the Monday after, my email and phone were alight. "Have you seen the Sun newspaper today"? Brilliant, somebody from the village had called the paper to tell them what was going on in sleepy Somerset.

According to the paper, "Master Chopper, a big, tattooed biker adorned with lots of heavy silver jewellery, was treating the crowd to a demonstration of his dark talents. Reverently referred to as "Master" by several scantily clad young women ..........

I had numerous calls from The Sun and NOTW papers, but declined to comment.

It wasn't until after the event that I found out how bloody awful the organiser was. She caused a hell of a lot of trouble for people in the village and within the fetish scene. She is now barred from every fetish club and event in the country.

Forget this "News report". It is absolutely nothing unusual. These events go on every week, all over the country. All over the world in fact. You would be surprised at the number and types of people who are involved one way or another. Many of them MUST remain hidden, simply because of their occupation or status. The report is just scandal mongering, nothing more.


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