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Originally Posted by ChopperFXR View Post
How many of us have got hold of a bike and hacked it about to our liking, added expensive parts, paint jobs etc, then decided that for whatever reasons, that we want to move on to something else. We mostly end up NOT recovering what we have paid out for parts and services, BUT we usually accept that we have had our fun with that particular bike and what we are selling is our ideal bike and someone else has now decided they can make what THEY want out of it.

NONE of us want to give away a bike that we have enjoyed and would obviously like to make a few quid out of our bikes. There is making a few quid and then there is a laughable attempt at ridiculous money grabbing.


Most of us lose a few quid on our bikes when we sell them and most of us don't really care because we have had real enjoyment out of them..I bought a Honda VT700 Shadow two years ago from a chap in Leeds..I bought it mainly because I wanted to ride from Leeds to Suffolk and then on to South Wales, I paid 700 for it, put it through two MOT's taxed it and now have to Tax it again, it needs a new rear tyre and when I take the rear wheel off I will need to grease the splines, patch and repaint the mudguard/fender, probably replace the brake shoes and it will still only be worth about 700..

But I've enjoyed the ride..

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