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about 5-7 years ago i was running around on a fs1e as a winter bike - it was brother in laws who got it as 3rd owner in 1975, it was a rare early orange m reg one with drum front brake and needed pre-mix. anyway the rear mudguard had split across the top and the front on was starting to bubble up the chrome so i looked for a replacement.

That is when i found out how stupid the prices have got for these - i rang vintageyamspares or something similar as they listed mudgaurds and was quoted 130 for one "good enough to make a pattern from" when i explained i had one but it had split/been welded/split again he offered me 100 for it - the front one was a similar story. I then fitted a cheap pattern set for a later model with a 6v enduro light/plate set up.

There is a big disconnect between concourse ones done for show which go for silly money purely as someone has tracked down/recreated parts for their OCD hobby and bikes people ride. Remember all fixings on those bikes were made of cheese (fs1-e uses crosshead bolts for the engine casings etc and had a pressed steel frame) and designed to last sub 5 years

I finally flogged it to a local bike shop (for normal money) who are still doing it up as I just did not have the time/contacts/skills to restore it and used part of the money to sort out a 125 for spare/winter.
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