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When you think about it, maybe this is the future, running costs of a motorbike are increasing at a great rate..road tax is 78 a year and increasing, insurance costs never go down, MOT and spare costs are never low and a new bike can easily cost close to 20k..Just look at the Gen.2 Vmax and the Indians..The bike test in Britain is becoming too difficult for anyone to pass at first go, people who ride bikes over 125cc's are going to become an endangered species..This will mean that because of low sales the price of producing a large cc bike will increase and the retail price will make it a rich mans toy..

Of course all of the above could turn out to be true or fantasy but the true value of something has always been what someone will pay for it, so maybe we are undervaluing our bikes..why should an oil painting be worth so much more than a well made one off motorcycle, and why should a rare antique be worth more than a rare motorbike.

Why is a Vincent worth so much..

I have a 1986 Honda shadow VT700 for sale..14,000 anyone..Just needs a bit of tidying up..

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