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No worries Twinpot! I blame it all on John. He's the the one who wants to everyone's details! You see, he lives in a cave in Wales and doesn't get out much!

Welcome to the forum. I've been on here donkeys years. Made the mistake of selling me bike, to fund buying the missus a car and I only managed to buy the bike back at Christmas. It's currently in the Workshop waiting for its MOT. It's a Fazer 600 which I bought new (the Missus let me!) for my 40th birthday and bought it back in time for my 53rd!

If you have a strange sense of humour, you'll fit right in here, and don't expect any sympathy if you go down with the lurges or squirts, but you will get plenty of advice on how to get rid of it!

And there are plenty of guys here, will help you out if you get stuck on any advice on how to repair/build your trike/bike pride and joy!
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