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Hi all,
Wayne Jarvis here.
I'm not exactly new to the forum. I was a member years ago. Not a very active one, as I'm more of a reader than a writer.
I forgot my login and just carried on reading and not posting.

I thought it was time to pull my finger back out and post a few things.

I'm from the South Wales Valleys and have been around bikes and custom cars and hot rods for over 20 years.
I've dabbled with a few things from a Mk3 Cortina converted into a pick up, Fiat twin-cam Morris Minor, chopped and couped to a 6.4 litre, stroked Pontiac Firebird. My passion has always been with bikes though.
Previous ones include DT125LC, XS250 US Custom, CX500 Custom, GS550 with lowered seat rails, GPZ600, Intruder, TDM, various Bandits, CBR6, ZX9, etc.
I have recently sold the Pontiac due to it being just to expensive to use properly. I'd taken it to Avon Park a few times, but a weekend away with it would cost at least 250.00, so I'll just stick to the bikes, it's a lot cheaper.
Currently got a 1250 Bandit and a GSX 1400.

I hang around with a local bunch of guys who are into everything from classics to customs to hot rods to chops, and have known most of them for over 20 years. Part of us are called Jarvis Racing and it's a loose term we use as some of us run at RWYB's, some do trackdays and some rally old cars. If it's got an engine and wheels I'm there :-)


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