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So, tonight on the 100% Biker Wireless Radio Extravaganza Thing I will be playing moosic by (deep breath) Disturbed, Jethro Tull, Boomtown Rats, Skunk Anasie, Suicidal Tendencies, Flogging Molly, A, Bloodhound Gang, Ian Dury, Marillion, Rancid, The Chameleons, Hawkwind, Roughneck Riot, Levellers, Nine Inch Nails, Toy Dolls, Otep, Soil, and Gary Numan.

And I will be talking about … umm, 45 words a minute, possibly? Some of them might even be coherent too, although don’t hold out too much hope of that, will you?

There will stuff about apps to help you poo (alleged ones anyway), MAG tee-shirts, what to do this week, events for your diary, a new Hawkwind(ish) tour, tool perversions, and how to commit suicide by hamburger.

So, that’s 10pm – Be there or be tucked up in bed with yer cocoa, y’ol’ fart!
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