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Default SS Thunderbolts - not, not the BSA

I guess this is the right forum area for this thread. My appologies if this has already been done to death out there.

The other day, myself and a non-biker friend were admiring a custom build down on the seafront. The bike had SS Thunderbolts tooled into the seat and also subtly included in the paintscheme. When asked why, I suddenly found myself noobishly stumped.
The engine was by S&S. But elsewise all I could think to say was that the owner may have some history of enforcement with a patch club, or was a nazi. Or both.
As I try to shake off the last of my noobie tendencies, I wondered if anyone could tell me if the SS T'bolts are suggestive of something else when it comes to motorcycle design.
I ask also, as it would seem strange that publications like 100% or American V or BSH with a somewhat live-and-let-live attitude would indirectly glorify something like white supremacy by picking out SS logos as a positive design statement on some of their featured bikes.
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