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Default Hello from the chairman of the AFB

Hi all,

My name is Rocky and I am the chairman of the Armed Forces Bikers Charity Motorcycle Club. I did notice some very negative comments and some sense spoken about us in 2011 on this forum that has been picked up by some conspiracy theorists and rumour merchants

So please take a look at our website

We have over 100 Armed Forces, veterans and forces friendly members in our club and hundreds more who have joined our forum and support us. We are a registered UK Charity, type in 1147967 into the UK charity commission website. We don't claim to be anything else in the bike world and we have very good relations with other clubs and armed forces charities. You will see us no doubt if you go the RTTW and other biker events round the UK.

If anyone has any concerns about us or how we spend the funds we raise please navigate to our website and contact us. We live to ride, talk bollocks and raise shit loads of money to help as many ex-service personnel and their families as we can.

If you see one of our members, go and have a chat to them as it is good to talk. Note we do not wear back patches of any kind and all our members do wear the patch above.

By the way I am not fat, I did serve in the desert and I am not just another company trying to cash in on servicemen and ex-servicemen and women lol We hope to be known and respected for our actions, not just words

AFB Chairman

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