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Got a growing list of mods ... short term rev counter, cant get used to riding without one even though the lazy old motor doesnt really need one and probably most important a screen ... i know screens are like marmite but I like to ride bikes all the year round and I need to keep some of the crap off me, finally some flatter bars to give a bit more leverage

Longer term, do something with the front end, its a bit under-braked so either a twin disc set up (would VN16 folks just slot right in?) or go for a fatter front wheel and tyre to get a bit more contact. Plan B might be a drifter front end with the big mudguard and have some matching rear guards made .... it's sounding expensive already, think ill just ride her for a bit! If you are out on the roads of Warwickshire, Birmingham or Leicestershire give me a wave I get about a bit!
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