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Default Harris rebuild on Isle Of Harris

Well the project train keeps on rolling. Keeps me mentally sane-ish having a project always on the go n distresses me.

Harris`s turn at mo. Had her 13-14 years now and been evolving along the way really. Was my daily transport for many years and been on touring holidays, etc 2-up with luggage. Been everywhere really in all weathers. Few bits been updated over the years as they’ve worn out or I`ve come across them cheap, etc.

Z1B lump, 998cc overbore, raised compression, welded/balanced crank, new/old stock head with light polishing, stainless valves, kent cams, 29mm carbs, etc, etc. Pulls like a train for an old girl. Enough grunt to keep me happy anyway. Love this bike to bits n probably be buried with it. Lol.

Before strip down. Looks ok but was a bit rough close up n a lot of bits I wasn’t happy with finish of, etc. Looked like a rat-bike compared to my tubby bandit so time to pimp it up a bit. :-

Drove it onto bike bench 2 weeks or so ago n started pulling it apart. Few rusty bolts n usual crap with an all-weather bike. Got to this stage and couldn’t get last engine bolt out.:-

2` stainless bolt passing through (2x) 4” alloy frame spacers was stuck solid even though copper greased it to death last time it was out years back.:-

Got a hacksaw blade into gap between engine and frame and holding blade in my hand I could wiggle it up n down ˝” at a time only. 2 evenings were spent out there on my knees sawing away at it. Lol. Chopped through it and then with a sledge hammer in one hand and a drift in the other I spent 3 hours hammering away at the 2 halves till eventually came out. Feckin solid! :-

My mate Emoe from Haydencycles knocked me up a high grade stainless replacement for when goes back together. Bike wont be seeing same winter weather nowadays so should never get as bad again.:-

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