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Left over parts. Not generally good to have parts left over but happy about it in this case. Lol. :-

Just waiting on Mr. Yantosh having some spare time to make new headers up for it. Tig welded stainless loveliness with some sort of billet end swivel/clamp trickery. Lol

Also on the hunt for a B12 engine for it. A mate up town is building a hard up choppers wormburner chop. Stripped fair few bits off a cheap B12 he picked up for it. Decided he really wants a gsxr11 engine in it though so breaking the rest of B12. We`re discussing painting his chop in exchange for the B12 engine n carbs. Hopefully will come off. A mate Peter was running a B12/T25 combo successfully and kindly gave me his jetting setup, etc so could all work out well. See what happens.
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