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Devontony- that's polish girls work is real nice!
There's a bloke near me who paint in a similar style,generally brothers Grimm sorta fantasy stuff,but dark as a hell. He had a killer painting of lil red riding hood,drinking from the wolfs severed head whilst being screwed over a log by the woodsmen.if I remember correctly there were squirrels in the trees taking photos.

I can't believe you're useless at arty stuff,just try different mother in law is pretty lame at drawing but she uses bandage and plaster of Paris to do some 3d stuff of canvas,that's actually pretty good when she's finished.
I try all sorts of stuff,some I'm total Shiite at,but it's a good destresser and you'll pick techniques up along the way.

Yorkie- good to know I'm not the only who bladders the paint on.
'er in doors think the textured way I paint,starting with no sketch marks is bonkers..

Here's some of my old stuff- generally produced whilst getting rat arsed,on cheap cider.

Not exactly Picasso but fun as fuck,when you're struggling to stay upright let alone hold a frickin tiny paintbrush
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