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Originally Posted by devon-tony View Post
that bike and your daughter are both a credit to you
Thank you Tony, you are also a gent.

Originally Posted by rob View Post
hiya Rod!
Now is that Rob M? If so, f*ck off. Or is it Rob K? If so same as last week please.
But I think it may be Rob X, last seen a couple of hours ago miming through his back window that, no he couldn't come round for a cup of tea because he was on a promise....
Hello Rob

Originally Posted by Rosebud View Post

I am also from Somerset originally and have family there. Some in Porlock.


Hi J, I may know them, been here 30 years, do they have webbed feet or two heads?

Originally Posted by The Beer Monsters View Post
That'd be a good place to set up a fishmongers...

Porlock Pollock!

Not quite as good as my Middle East Dairy company Cheeses of Nazareth, but it's got potential....

Welcome to the Forum
Hello mates, well theres a geezer who walks around with a pointed hat and an attitude. The Porlock Warlock

Thanks again for the welcomes, must go and design a throttle operated iPod that plays "Ride of the Valkyries" for my new bus.

Is this a f*ck off engine, or is this a f*ck off engine?

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