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Default 8

Bloody hell 8

I'd say in this day and age.

Bloody Hell 8 what a bargain!

All that info, Bikes, birds, photo's, inspiration, artwork, possible future investment, (In 2055 they will be asking for 2011.) Our possible future builders may start their dreams from this mag?? Help to keep a good mag in profit,etc, etc, Could keep on going, but i'll stop here.

And less than 4 pints??? Bargain!! plus it's still here, long after the smell of piss has left the building.

Oh and iv'e got "no" connection with the mag.
"Never wait or hesitate
Get in kid, before it's too late
You may never get another chance
'Cos youth's a mask but it don't last
live it long and live it fast"
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