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Originally Posted by Friar Tuck View Post
Ooh! Ooh! OH!

*big whiff of GTN Spray!*

LMAO! that do it for ya does it? :P

Originally Posted by vulcan800classic View Post
hi miss thundercat.hope you enjoy your self looking for that cruiser,
when you get it, pop over and see us at castillo de suenos in spain.
oh thankyou, i might jut do that, you got a spare room where i can rest my head then?

Originally Posted by krammer View Post
Welcome to the forum, i'm sure the 'novelty' of your sexuality will eventually wear thin on here and you will be treated with respect.
Been here a while myself, it was better years ago but that might just be dewey eyed nostalgia
aww i dont mind, its rather amusing actually thanks for the welcome
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