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Default My projects

Keeps me busy...

First the Compbike, pretty much all home made in a shed, took three years so far and still not finished.

Next a simple rigid chop, with 127 El Bruto motor, 6 speed box, and decent brakes, taken from a Ducati 998. Its going to have a one off exhaust, oil tank forwards etc, not sure of the details yet, but its looking ok so far.

Last, my Merch 131 spent a lot of time on my mates new dyno over the winter. We filmed one of the early dyno runs on an iphone, aint too great, even with baffles, its too much for the mic. Its here on You tube

It was clear the V&H exhaust would have to go, so now making a new system in stainless with one off conical megas, hope to have it all done by next week.
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