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Nik, Ye'd think you'd been holidaying in my head mate.

That rant this month about MAG/BMF summed up my thoughts exactly. Spot on sir.. Well said.

And last months re the events listings cleared up summat I'd been wondering about n'all. I get where you're coming from and that you can't waste pages that could be used for good feature content on listings but was wondering if there's any scope in producing a 'Fartwell Echo' style insert on cheap (news)paper with minimal/no colour to save costs and to retain your rep as the only bike mag to offer a full comprehensive listing?

Mebbe someone else could come up with a better solution?

You're still doing better than your competitors though. Our event has just appeared in this months Biker, about six weeks before it occurs. It won't be in the 'other one' until the next issue, about a week prior to the event (if you're a subscriber).

This whole motorsickle'ing thing's getting way too popular dammit.
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