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Default Air cooled Honda DOHC woes

My CB 750 Nighthawk which i was going to use for a base for a Bobber is blowing smoke and has low compression on all cylinders, i was hoping against hope that it was the valves slightly propped but no, a squirt of some oil down the bore and the compression shot up to over 200 psi. Conclusion, bores are knackered. Its a shame coz the engine runs very sweet with no rattles, clunks or tapping. I've priced up the replacement pistons for a rebore from David silver and gave up when the total got above 500 for parts alone. So im thinking of putting a CBX750 motor in it. Has anyone had any experience of this or could anyone point me in the direction of a Honda forum which would give me some advice??

Anyway i'm off to put my head in the gas oven, i'm gutted, i MOT'd the thing a week ago as well!
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