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Default Im Back...New bike :-)

Ello All...
Im Back!
Its been a while, ive been dealing with my own shit n now things are getting better..

I did alot of thinking n realised i couldnt just jump back on the Buell, its all about accepting the limitations my physical condition brings
I still have acute heart failure, but i have taken the consultants advice n "got back on a bike
I managed to buy a 1997 Suzuki Bandit 600, very clean n only 24k on it n of course its black!!

I went a run down the coast today, and did about 90 miles, Im nackered but so happy...alot of people wrote me off (and just about had me convinced i wouldnt ride a bike again!!) but they were all wrong, so GET IT UP YEAs!!!

OK all im happy to be back in the saddle again

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