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Default advice from the pro/good welders needed

ok so Im at the stage of in the next week pulling the trike down to be fully welded up

the guy that was going to do it has basically said that I drop it off, and could be 6 months maybe! LOL

so I just spoke with a local place, coded and all that ol stuff, hes telling me that Ive built the frame wrong as theres no gaps!

the joins in the tube are snug, ends were fishmouthed and it was all designed to fit together nicely

he mumbled that it wasnt a problem, go in with cutting discs and grinding discs, cut this about grind that about, needs a 2mm rod, should have left a 2mm gap between the joins

he didnt see the problem with cutting the tubes apart, grinding the ends about and putting it back together

have I dropped a major bollock here?

ok so this isnt all of it obviously but this is how pretty much all the joins are, milled or filed to as near as damnit perfect fit

if Im going to be told that this cant be welded up properly, then Im going to scrap the whole lot and just give up LOL

looks like I might get away with having it TIG welded, bloody pissed off that I didnt realise you have to make these things with goping great gaps, goes against my basic instinct of building things

never mind.
nowt of much use here

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