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Default Biker politics cost charities money

Bear with me, this may be a bit long-winded but I’ll arrive at the point eventually.

Newly formed MCC in a previously neutral area sandwiched between the two ‘opposing sides’, shall we say, planned and organised a custom and classic show for Bank Holiday Monday to promote the club locally and to raise a bit of money for two charities. Wanting to make a go of it, the event was advertised in 2 of the leading magazines dedicated to custom bikes. During a band night at the pub used as a meeting place, things were said by 2 ex-members of an over-the-border MCC (who are official support for one side) that unsettled the landlady, to the point that she invited these 2 guys to come to the meeting last night to ‘advise’ us on security.

Halfway through the meeting, they trooped in giving it the good guy/bad guy routine. The bad guy really started acting the arsehole, criticising the club, its members, its intentions, really being offensive and obnoxious. He started trotting out the line about how the club didn’t do the right thing and discuss formation with the local MC, when in fact both sides had been informed and were ok with it. He then proceeded to pull out his mobile, dropping as many names as he could fit into his diatribe, and proceeded to contact various Sgt-at-Arms, or as he preferred to call them ‘enforcers’ – yes, carry on with the intimidation bit why don’t you. He made the club president speak on the phone to one of them and explain the situation, while constantly telling the club that they didn’t want the ‘wrong sort of people’ to attend the bike show. Well from where the club were sitting him and his masters were exactly the wrong sort of people. In fact, it was due to a lack of communication amongst the 2 chapters of this MC over in the neighbouring county that the problem had occurred. The closest chapter had been consulted about the club starting up, but hadn’t told the other chapter who were the ones who saw the ad in the magazine, put 2 and 2 together and arrived at 5, and decided to throw their weight around. According to bad guy, some of this particular chapter want to branch out and form a chapter in this county, possibly using this town as the base, but also threatening to form it in the county town where there is a pub run by a member of the other side and is seen locally as the start of that side’s ‘turf’. After a couple more phone calls, including good guy who was obviously uncomfortable with the way his colleague handled things, the club members have been invited to meet the S.A.A of one of the chapters (don’t know which one, don’t really care) next Tuesday for a beer and a chat and a clear the air sort of thing. Bang goes the attempt to remain neutral.

Now to the point.

As the club are obviously unable to stop anyone from attending the event, rather than risk any public disorder the event has been cancelled and the 2 charities concerned (the Air Ambulance and Help for Heroes) will now lose out on much needed funds. Ok, it may only have amounted to a couple of hundred quid or so, but every pound raised makes a difference. This shit sticks in my craw. I know about the politics, I know that it’s just the way it is, but that doesn’t make it right.
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