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Taken from the Katana site, a Pop-up Katana stolen from East London.

Dear all,

On thursday 25th March 2010 at the early hours, someone had stolen my katana gsx 750 s3 from central east london. Though not totally mint, it is still in good shape with the pop up headlight working and all.

As all I could depend on now are the police's effort to find the bike, and I'm not really satisfied even with an insurance payout, I was hoping the members on the forum can keep a lookout for me.

It's the 84 model, full white with golden frame but blue on the headlight rather than black. The sticker on the sides below the seat is spelt wrongly with gsx 750 es. It has a viper exhaust can and the mirrors are not original. The registration number is A929 XFM with a crack on the plate in the middle. I've met a couple of members back in the summer suzuki day at the ace cafe as I hope you would remember it.

If anyone do see it on the streets or any adverts for sale, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Many thanks.
All the best.
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