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I think that many of the 'new' brands comming in may actually be in part or wholly reasonably well desighned and put together bikes, the trouble is that the numbers are still small in this country so it's gonna take some time for good manufacturers to be known from the bad ones, few folk really want to be worse off by taking the leap of faith and buying suspect stuff or advising others to buy crap just to see if it's ok. A lot of the far eastern inports are built round tried and tested engine desighns from the big 4 jap contenders, a quick web search shows for instance that Honda twin engines are now being built in China by Wiyan(sp?) - look at Dave silvers, I think they sell the spares or did. These engines are sold to all kinds of idiots building appallingly bad machines around them. There might well be a route to building a quite cheap custom by buying such a bike and trowing the shite out - starting with the frames and most of the electical equipment, plus wheels - but then why bother? far more use from the older jap producers.............
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