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I'd second what Grav said re chineese bikes, wife had a hong dou 250, totally unreliable electrically, bearings in wheels collapsed at 2500km and the swing arm would have been an mot fail for the play in the bearings if the bike had lasted long enough to mot it. The importer unsurprisingly evaporated before he could be sued.
On the 125 front, I'd also recommend the honda 125 rebel, runs like clockwork, pulls surprisingly well - up to 70 so up to the real world riding standards and gets there fairly quick, downside, is I like mine a lot so I'll be stockpiling spares for it. Fuel economy good too.
If you prefer fixing engines to riding you might like to conider a 2 stroke, my kh blows pistons to hell in no time but is an addictive bike, when it's atually running that is............
Oh yeah, welcome to the forum.
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