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Originally Posted by Mistress Maker View Post
Welcome to the forum Brother ..................hmmmm trike building /novice ...............I would advise to take your time and do your research FIRST !! Before you even start buying donor lumps etc etc .

You need to decise what kind of trike you want ie hardtailed /sprung etc etc .

Then there is the SVA .............minefield in itself!

Pick peoples brains ,ask for advice .As for professional builders .......hmm first trike was a so called 'profesional build' ...............don,t even go there!!!! That is why Addjunke decided to do his own build .................he was a novice too but decided that with his engineering background and lots of research he could do a better job !

It took a long time , more cash than we expected ............but the trike is a good un ! Properly registered etc . The only thing we would change if we could go back in time would be a bigger engine and a newer donor.

Anyway enough of my waffle ..............................welcome to the madness
hello and thankyou for your words of wisdom, i was going for about a year, to do my homework, dont want to build a dogs dinner, would like an xj900 diversion base at some point in future, will look out for old frame to work off to get my geometry right,im told rigid is the way to go, but as im going back to colledge at my age, lol i might as well make the most of the machines available to me, i like the look of wishbone, back end but dont want stability issues, so my thinking is to make wishbone set up that dont move, with nice looking shocks that dont move,then use second set of shocks as you would on solid axle bolted to bike frame, bit like me looks good but dont do shit, lol, my question is this, when you turn a corner on two wheels you lean into the turn, all pressure is pushed from your head to back wheel in straight line, downward force at angle to tarmack, on trike that cant happen, you get side force,the swing arm bracket was never designed for that, would it not try to twist, over time, i dont mean bracket but the tube with the bearinings in on main frame, hope im making sence
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