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Default Im Back - Project Budget Dragqueen

Back again guys n gals. Ive not been on for a year or so. I have a good excuse...................well an excuse of sorts.

Been trying to get my business built up. Been airbrushing non stop for seemingly ever to improve my work n gain a good reputation. Getting there now tho with work coming in from all over the world which is cool.

Got a bit of free time on my hands these days tho so gonna get my arse in gear n get back on ere more often.

Most of yer will know me for my airbrushing work, or my 2 fighters in SF mag recently.

Moved onto a new project now too. A turbo 750 bandit dragbike on a serious budget (160 so far). I`ll post pics n build thread if folk interested enuf. First bit of build diary Ive been running ere if wanna catch up:-

Its a bit different tho if have a look.

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