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Default After a new project..

Having sold my Thunderace to fund my PT Cruiser, i have now sold my Vectra and added some and have about a grand to spend on a new 2 wheel project. Idealy i am after another Beemer K1100 but all the ones i am watching are on 70k+ and still fetching stupid money. I know they are good for it but i would rather the miles were mine and not some one elses.

It is always the way, when i have no cash i see some right bargains, now i have some cash everything has gone through the roof, summer doesn help i guess... So i am looking at other stuff, not sure what i'll end up with but i would like to think it will be either a Beemer, Truimph 955i, Honda Firestorm, Fireblade or such like, i am watching a Honda Blackbird with accident damage at the moment. I know a grand might be a tall ask but i am not worried about the cosmetics so long as it is mechanically sound as it will be chopped about any way.
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