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Default Bikers are soon to become an endangered species

as the heading says
we are all on our way out
many of you might be aware of a website called
if not check it out, go back through the 1% news items
all over the world bikers are being targeted
the main (big clubs) are being shut down or targeted
banned from proudly showing the colours they have earned
normal everyday people are being recruited to inform on bikers movements
some might say “that's OK it's the big clubs they are picking on not us small clubs”
But we should all wake up and the Americans say “smell the coffee”
after the Big clubs have gone what's to stop the powers that be from banning the rest of us too!!!!!!!
I am proud to be a biker and they will have to drag me kicking and fighting away from my bike and lifestyle
I don't belong to any formal club or and have no hidden agenda
I just believe that if we don't all stand together
our children and grandchildren will only know what a biker was from history books
We all need to send a message to the governments of the world that they cant get rid of us that easily, and that we will fight for the right to live our lives as we (not they)see fit.

The only way to send a message to our government is by a mass demonstration of bikers maybe in every major city on the same day at the same time

I'm going to post this on all the forums I'm part of and I would ask everyone (if they care about there own lifestyle) to post it on all the forums they are part of

If we manage to get ourselves organised we might be able to save bikers from the history books and keep us, our children and our children's children bikers forever...........

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