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Default The four hour oil change.

So... i have been having problems with the gears on the blade, getting very notchy when warm. I have adjusted the cable and all that guff but the recommendation i have had is to change the oil, so with 3 ltrs in the garage i pop out and pick up an extra litre and a filter.

Great i think, i have a lambretta side panel to paint (well some one has to) so i can do the oil in between coats of paint thus getting both done at the same time... ! 8)

Eerrghhh... WRONG... !!

(coat of paint on Lambretta panel)

So first things first, sump plug out drain oil into old container... so far so good. Ok the oil filter is in plain view from the front and i can also get to it through the cut outs in the fairing, fantastic, no need to remove the fairing.

Eerrghhh.... WRONG... !!

no matter how i approach it that oil filter is not coming off without a fight, ok no worries just drop the one side of the fairing off and jobs a good un...!!!

Eerrghhh... WRONG... !!

(coat of paint on Lambretta panel)

So, the fairing bolts have been replaced with nice shiney stainless allen bolts, that are about 6 foot too flaming long and have kacked up to the point that they wont undo.... , so after a fair amount of bike mechanic slang for "please undo" and a test of my allen keys tensile strength at high speed on the workshop floor i managed to remove several bolts, but had to drill the two lower ones out.

(coat of paint on Lambretta panel)

Wicked, it's going to be a piece of piss now... thinks me... !!

Eerrghhh.. WRONG... !!

I can now get a good grip and angle on the filter, but despite the four holes with my screw driver and copious amounts of oil on the floor it still wont budge..

(coat of paint on Lambretta panel)

So its off round the yard to see who has an oil filter tool, i find one just next door luckily. Funnily enough it looks just like the one i have at home in my tool box, that i cant ride home to get due to the screwdriver poking out of my oil filter.

So now with the right tool i am able to get the offending filter off, still with some force needed mind, and finish off my oil change.

(coat of paint on Lambretta panel, now finished).

Took the blade out for a blast tonight, the gears are lovely now, just need to sort the K&N air filter oil and the plugs and she is set for our run to Squires cafe next weekend.
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