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Default Fond mamories

Customer rings me yesterday to talk through some ideas for his paint work, the job he wants i know i have seen before years ago so i tell him i'll have a shuftie through some old mags to see if i can find it.

What a bit of nostalgia that was, i know i have read them all before but looking back over years of rallies and bikes, spotting people i know or have gotten to know since in various stages of inebriation, the bikes that were doing the scene then that are probly now striped and look totally different. Found the two page spread on Pugs Chop, the first rally put on by The Sisterhood when the Mrs was still with them the Double Trouble rally when i was still with them.

Memories, you cant put a value on them, they help you to remember what it is all about.

Oh and i still didnt find the paint job i was looking for
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