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Post Snake Eyes Video shoot @ Squires Cafe Bar, Leeds

Hi Guys & Girls,

Snake Eyes, our Heavy Metal band has just released a new Album & we are shooting a video to promote it, which will be submitted to Scuzz TV & Kerrang! The band is financing the shoot out of their own pocket as they are currently unsigned. All the crew on the shoot are all professionals who are joining the project for free.

We are looking for interesting bikes (preferably Choppers, Harleys Trikes etc)to take part in the shoot. Also the riders to take part in a live concert situation scene. The band will be lip-syncing, but we need a crowd of bikers to be in the 'audience' for the sequence, as well as to ride their bikes in a few choreographed sequences.

The title of the song is 'Leather & Metal', so you can see what we are driving for. We will also have a group of professional dancers taking part. We cannot provide any payment or expenses, but if riders leave their details, copies of the DVD will be sent to you if you take part in the shoot.

Shooting of crowd scenes will be taking place from late morning on Sunday 3rd August at about 11:00am. If you are interested, or want more information please drop me a line at and I will forward the location address and arrival instructions. If you would more info about the band, take a look at

Kind Regards,

Dave De La Haye
Snake Eyes
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